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This guide serves as the definitive source for all 2006.1 information.


The primary goal of 2006.1 is to improve the quality of the Gentoo release media by including more drivers. We are also looking to improve the quality of the build over the last release, which is a recurring goal with every release.

The secondary goal of this release is to build experimental LiveCD images for at least one architecture other than AMD64/x86 to facilitate Gentoo Linux Installer testing.


Release resources

Release notes:

  • Alpha release notes
  • AMD64 release notes
  • HPPA release notes
  • PPC release notes
  • SPARC release notes
  • x86 release notes

There will be DIGESTS files for all release media on the Gentoo mirrors.

All release media will be signed by the Gentoo Linux Release Engineering ( PGP key. The public key ID is 0x17072058, and the key is available through the keyserver.

Contacts and schedule


  • Release Operations: Tim Yamin
  • Documentation: Shyam Mani
  • Infrastructure: Jeff Forman
  • PR: Christel Dahlskjaer


Milestone Description Status
Build tools QA The release building tools are feature-frozen and are QA checked for proper building on each architecture that plans on releasing. Completed
QA testing Release components have been thoroughly tested in accordance with the QA guidelines. At least one test release has been made by this time by each architecture. Completed
Official snapshot The official portage freeze is completed. From this point forward, only bug/security fixes are introduced into the release tree that affect the release media. Completed
Final QA After the successful build of the release materials, a final "once over" is given to each piece of the release materials to test functionality and correctness. Completed
Release upload All release components are uploaded to the official release staging area on the Release Engineering AMD64 box for signing and MD5/SHA1 verification. Completed
PR written All PR items, including release notes for each architecture, are completed. Release notes are committed to CVS, and the PR items are prepared. Completed
Release handover Release Engineering makes one final check of all materials, then hands it over to Infrastructure for staging and release. Completed
Mirrors are staged Infrastructure stages the mirrors and prepares PR items for final commit. Completed
2006.1 release Infrastructure performs the final commit on PR items and makes the release materials live. 2006.1 is publicly released. Completed

Architectures releasing

The following supported architectures are tentatively releasing 2006.1:

Architecture Subarch(es) Expected components for 2006.1 Release coordinator(s)
alpha alpha InstallCDs, stages, release notes kloeri
amd64 amd64 InstallCD, stages, LiveCD, release notes kugelfang
hppa hppa1.1, hppa2.0 InstallCDs, stages, release notes dertobi123
ppc G4, G5, power3, power4, power5, ppc, ppc64 InstallCD, stages, LiveCD, release notes pylon, ranger, dostrow
sparc sparc32, sparc64 InstallCDs, stages, release notes gustavoz, weeve
x86 x86, i686 InstallCD, stages, LiveCD, release notes agaffney

The following unsupported architectures are tentatively releasing 2006.1:

Architecture Subarch(es) Expected components for 2006.1 Release coordinator(s)
ia64 ia64 InstallCDs, stages, release notes plasmaroo
mips mips LiveCD, stages, netboot images Kumba

If information regarding a specific architecture is wrong or has been omitted, please contact the release operations manager.

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