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Gentoo is proud to present the world with Gentoo Linux 2004.3!

This is the final release of 2004 and is the culmination of the work of each of our developers. The main focus for this release was fixing bugs in previous releases and making the release tools more robust and easier to use. Releasing for 2004.3 are AMD64, HPPA, PPC, SPARC, X86 and also our initial PPC64 release. There is also an experimental Alpha release, along with stages for IA64 and S390. The embedded team has also released embedded stages for ARM, MIPS, PPC, and X86, all which can be found under /experimental. You can find out more about 2004.3 by checking out the release page[1] or reading the ChangeLog[2].

Some points of interest include:

  • Both AMD64 and PPC switching to GCC 3.4 as their default compiler
  • SPARC releasing only SPARC64 media
  • AMD64 and X86 switching to a single kernel for the LiveCD
  • improved cooperation between the various architecture teams

The Release Engineering project would like to thank all of the Gentoo developers and our many community testers for making this release our best ever and we're all looking forward to bringing you an awesome 2005.0!

Gentoo Linux 2004.3 can be downloaded from any of our official mirrors[3], as well as purchased from the Gentoo Store[4].