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This guide serves as the definitive source for all 2004.2 information.


2004.2 is a natural progression for the Gentoo release cycle. 2004.0 was focused on simply releasing, 2004.1 was focused on releasing and polishing the release process, and 2004.2 is going to focus on release media QA. To achieve this focus, 2004.2 has two distinct goals:

  • Completion of the Feature Request (found later in this document).
  • Stringent QA on release media

The schedule has been redefined in order to make these two important goals possible.


Release resources

Release notes:

  • AMD64 Release notes
  • HPPA Release notes
  • SPARC Release notes
  • X86 Release notes

md5sums for all release media can be found on the mirrors. Alternatively, an article containing all of the md5sums is also available.

All release media is signed by the Gentoo Linux Release Engineering ( PGP key. The public key ID is 17072058, and the key is available through the keyserver.

Contacts and schedule


  • Release Operations: John Davis (zhen)
  • Public Relations: John Davis (zhen)
  • Documentation: Sven Vermeulen
  • Infrastructure: Jeff Forman


Milestone Description Deadline Status
Feature discovery Field features that can realistically be integrated into 2004.2 May 10th Complete
QA testing Release components have been thoroughly tested in accordance with the QA guidelines. At least one test release has been made by this time. July 18th Complete
Release upload All release components are uploaded to the arch release coordinator's webspace on July 19th Complete
Mirrors are staged RelEng and Infra will stage the mirrors July 21st Complete
2004.2 release 2004.2 is publicly released July 26th Complete

Feature request list

Rejected feature proposals have been archived for later inspection:

Feature Developer(s) in charge Progress
udev support for Catalyst zhen Deferred for 2004.3
SATA device detection and documentation roger55, jhuebel, tgall_foo Complete
Creation of LiveCD Herd wolf31o2 Complete
Improved LiveCD Dell server support mattm, wolf31o2 Complete
Improved x86 SMP support livewire, roger55 Complete
CD type (minimal, universal) branding zhen Complete
ufed included on the LiveCD zhen Deferred
LiveCD ISO torrents jforman Complete
Release specfiles availability zhen In Progress

Architectures releasing

Tentatively, the following architectures are releasing 2004.2:

Architecture Subarch(es) Expected components for 2004.2 Release coordinator(s)
x86 x86, athlon-xp, pentium3, pentium4 LiveCDs, stages, GRP, Release Notes beejay
amd64 amd64 LiveCDs, stages, GRP, Release Notes jhuebel
ppc G3, G4, G5 LiveCDs, stages, GRP, Release Notes pvdabeel
sparc sparc32, sparc64 LiveCDs, stages, GRP, Release Notes weeve, gustavoz
hppa all supported sub-architectures LiveCDs, stages, GRP, Release Notes gmsoft

If information regarding a specific arch is wrong or has been omitted, please contact the release operations manager.

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