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Information for retired developers wishing to be reinstated.


We are happy to accommodate retired developers that wish to be reinstated. We understand that people have changing priorities in their lives, and that finding time to work on Gentoo is not always feasible. It is always exciting when a veteran developer decides to return and join our ranks again.

The Reinstatement Process

As a returning developer, you do not follow the recruitment process for new developers. Nor do you need to find yourself a mentor. To start the reinstatement process, simply reach out to us by email and state your request for reinstatement and what you will be working on when you return.

We will investigate your past activity, determine what has changed in Gentoo since your retirement, and compile a list of things you need to know to get up to speed. Typically, we schedule one or more review sessions and make sure that you are comfortable with the current Gentoo development practices. What is going to be covered in a session will be communicated to you ahead of time, so that you have sufficient time to prepare.

A retired developer that demonstrates satisfactory performance is then reinstated as a Gentoo Developer. On the rare unfortunate occasion that a developer is not ready to be reinstated, the recruiters team may gracefully reject the reinstatement request and notify the developer of areas that need further progress.