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This page provides a quick matrix of USE flags supported by various Python implementations.


Text Meaning
flag Feature toggled via a USE flag
+ Feature unconditionally available
- Feature not available at all

The table

USE flag dev-lang/python:2.* dev-lang/python:3.* dev-python/pypy3 USE deps
berkdb flag - - None
bzip2 + + + (since 7.3.9_p5-r2) Yes (+)
gdbm flag flag flag Yes (no def.)
ipv6 + + + Yes (+)
ncurses flag flag flag Yes (no def.)
readline flag flag + Yes (no def.)
sqlite flag flag flag Yes (+)
ssl flag flag + Yes (+)
threads flag flag up to 3.6, + since 3.7 + Yes (+)
tk flag flag flag Yes (no def.)
xml flag flag up to 3.10, + since 3.11 + Yes (+)

As of 2022-09-04.


  1. The 'USE deps' column lists whether the flag was used in any USE dependency for any of the implementations. It also states whether the dependency had a USE default.
  2. 'Always-on' modules were either based on deps or test used installed implementation.
  3. IPv6 support was tested through using low-level socket module to connect to IPv6 service.