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This page is not actively maintained. The most recent changes have not been listed yet.

This page lists past changes in the API of python-r1 eclass suite.

Date Change Eclasses affected Backwards compat.
p-r1 p-s-r1 p-a-r1 d-r1
2016-05-14 Removed support for altered DESTTREE in installation helpers (i.e. respecting into before python_do*) python-utils-r1 No
Made python_scriptroot and python_moduleroot internal (in favor of python_scriptinto and python_moduleinto) python-utils-r1 Yes (still respected)
2015-12-22 Introduced python_gen_impl_dep Yes Yes No Ind Yes
2015-12-06 Reordered implementations in semi-ascending order python-utils-r1 unless ebuild was relying on particular order
Marked internal and eclass-generated variables read-only all of them unless generated vars were altered
2015-11-26 Allowed passing file and directory symlinks to python_fix_shebang python-utils-r1 Yes
2015-11-18 Added EAPI=6 support all of them Yes
2015-11-08 Added support for getting python-config executable path (PYTHON_CONFIG) python-utils-r1 Yes
2015-11-07 Made python_export obtain includedir, libdir and sitedir from the installed interpreter rather than hardcoding it python-utils-r1 if correct DEPENDs were in place
2015-07-27 Banned calling python2 and python2-config when python3.* was selected, and vice versa python-utils-r1 unless different versions of Python were mixed
Added wrapping for pythonN-config (python_wrapper_setup) python-utils-r1 Yes
2015-07-16 Banned installing global package named examples No No No Yes if install was sane
2015-02-19 Removed support for python-exec:0 Yes Yes No Yes unless python-exec:0 was explicitly required
2015-01-13 Added DISTUTILS_ALL_SUBPHASE_IMPLS to restrict implementations for *_all() phases No No No Yes Yes
python_setup started accepting implementation restrictions Yes No No No Yes
2014-12-28 Ported metadata writing helpers from python-r1 to python-single-r1 No Yes No No Yes
2014-12-27 Banned use of unsupported python.eclass/distutils.eclass functions and variables, to help catching unconverted parts of ebuilds python-utils-r1 if legitimate functions were used
2014-12-07 Disabled parallel run support and added guarantees . In particular:
  1. python_parallel_foreach_impl was deprecated and made equivalent to python_foreach_impl.
  2. Distutils-r1 sub-phases are no longer run in parallel.
  3. Both functions and sub-phases are no longer isolated in a subshell. However, the eclass still guarantees resetting working directory.
Yes No No Yes No
2014-11-09 Added python_is_installed function python-utils-r1 Yes
2014-08-24 Install paths are passed to via .pydistutils.cfg No No No Yes No
2014-06-29 Added Project:Python/python-utils-r1#python_export_utf8_locale function python-utils-r1 Yes
distutils-r1 now tries to force utf-8 locale No No No Yes unless something fails with UTF-8
2014-06-19 python_fix_shebang: added --force and --quiet options python-utils-r1 Yes
2014-05-26 Move python_fix_shebang to python-utils-r1 (from python-single-r1) python-utils-r1 Yes
2014-04-19 python_gen_cond_dep: support substituting ${PYTHON_USEDEP} Yes No No Ind Yes
2014-03-13 Added python_doexe & python_newexe python-utils-r1 Yes
2013-12-03 Removed no-op distutils-r1_python_test function No No No Yes No
2013-12-02 Egg-path override is done through .pydistutils.cfg (removes unnecessary bdist_egg call) No No No Yes No
2013-10-27 Removed python_get_EPYTHON and python_get_PYTHON (deprecated on 2013-09-16) python-utils-r1 No
2013-10-26 distutils-r1_python_install no longer passes install twice (paver compat) No No No Yes No
2013-10-22 Added python_setup as a common implementation setup function for all eclasses Yes Yes Yes Ind Yes
distutils-r1_python_install: added support for --install-scripts override No No No Yes Yes
2013-10-12 Added MERGE_TYPE checks not to search for Python during binary package install in default pkg_setup No Yes Yes Ind No
2013-09-27 Set build paths via .pydistutils.cfg No No No Yes No
Establish separate HOME directories for each implementation No No No Yes No
2013-09-26 Support wrapping symlinks in PYTHON_SCRIPTDIR No No No Yes No
2013-09-24 Added python_gen_any_dep No No Yes No Yes
2013-09-17 Enabled support for python-exec:2 Yes Yes No Yes No
Added PYTHON_SCRIPTDIR python-utils-r1 Yes
2013-09-16 Deprecated python_get_PYTHON and python_get_EPYTHON python-utils-r1 Yes
2013-08-28 Introduced python_is_python3 python-utils-r1 Yes
2013-08-25 Added support for preserving bundled egg files No No No Yes No
2013-08-01 Added QA warnings whenever distutils-r1_python_prepare_all or distutils-r1_python_install_all are ommitted No No No Yes Yes
Banned use of invalid atoms in PYTHON_COMPAT No No Yes No if legitimate APIs were used
2013-07-11 Banned calls to python_optimize in pkg_* phases python-utils-r1 if legitimate APIs were used
2013-07-09 Enabled stubbing out and No No No Yes No
2013-05-21 Added PYTHON_REQUIRED_USE (instead of implicit REQUIRED_USE setting) Yes Yes No No may delay errors
Enabled automatic use of PYTHON_REQUIRED_USE in distutils-r1 No No No Yes Yes
2013-04-30 Added python_check_deps support No No Yes No Yes
2013-04-07 Added Python executable and pkg-config wrapper setup all eclasses Yes
2013-03-28 Added PYTHON_CFLAGS & PYTHON_LIBS python-utils-r1 Yes
2013-03-19 Replaced --build-lib with --build-platlib and --build-purelib in options No No No Yes No
2013-03-04 Added python_parallel_foreach_impl (deprecated later on 2014-12-07) Yes No No Ind Yes
Made distutils-r1 sub-phases run in parallel (disabled later on 2014-12-07) No No No Yes No
2013-03-04 Moved run_in_build_dir to multibuild.eclass Yes No No Ind Yes
2013-03-02 Improved API for in-source builds to be compatible with out-of-source (BUILD_DIR, PYTHONPATH) No No No Yes No
2013-02-26 Removed implicit die-on-false-return from python_foreach_impl Yes No No Yes No
2013-02-21 Added EXAMPLES support No No No Yes Yes
2013-02-11 Finalized DOCS API No No No Yes Yes
2013-02-04 Added PYTHON_LIBPATH python-utils-r1 Yes
Added python_newscript python-utils-r1 Yes
2013-02-10 Added distutils_install_for_testing No No No Yes Yes
Banned installing global-scope tests package No No No Yes if install was sane
2013-01-27 Added support for DISTUTILS_SINGLE_IMPL No No No Yes Yes
Added support for DISTUTILS_OPTIONAL No No No Yes Yes
Added run_in_build_dir function (moved to multibuild.eclass on 2013-03-04) Yes No No Ind Yes
Added python_doheader python-utils-r1 Yes
2013-01-21 Added PYTHON_COMPAT validity checks Yes Yes No Yes if legitimate APIs were used
2013-01-12 Made BUILD_DIR reference the best implementation in python_*_all() sub-phases No No No Yes No
2012-12-31 Added python_gen_cond_dep Yes No No Ind Yes
2012-12-27 Added PYTHON_INCLUDEDIR python-utils-r1 Yes
Added python_gen_usedep and python_gen_useflags Yes No No Ind Yes
2012-12-27 Started passing --build-scripts to No No No Yes No
2012-12-20 Added python_fix_shebang python-utils-r1 Yes
2012-12-07 TMPDIR became implementation-specific No No No Yes No
distutils-r1 no longer dies if phase function returns false No No No Yes No
python_*_all() sub-phases get best-implementation setup No No No Yes No
2012-12-01 Added parallel build support (removed on 2014-12-07) No No No Yes No
Introduced python-any-r1 No No Yes No Yes
2012-11-30 Unbundle python-single-r1 from python-r1 Yes Yes Ind if legitimate APIs were used
2012-11-26 Added python_optimize python-utils-r1 Yes
2012-11-24 Introduced python-single-r1 No Yes No Yes
Introduced python-utils-r1 with common functions python-utils-r1 Yes
2012-11-21 Added python_domodule and python_doscript Yes Ind Yes
2012-11-04 Banned unset PYTHON_COMPAT Yes Ind No
2012-11-01 Started explicitly setting the library build dir and adding it to PYTHONPATH No No No Yes No
2012-10-29 Enabled out-of-source build support No No No Yes No
Added function No No No Yes Yes
Added python_replicate_script Yes Ind Yes
Added python_export_best (replaced by Project:Python/python-r1#python_setup on 2013-10-22) Yes Ind Yes
Added getters for common Python variables Yes Ind Yes
2012-10-26 Remove implicit working directory switch to BUILD_DIR from python-r1 (leave it in distutils-r1) Yes No No
2012-10-25 Added python_export Yes Ind Yes
2012-10-14 Introduced distutils-r1 No Yes Yes
Introduced python-r1 Yes Yes