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Here specific bugs and feature requests can be listed and discussed. If the discussion gets too big, it can be worthwhile to author a new article and just link to it.

Low-hanging fruit list

List any bugs that are considered trivial to fix here.

Approved proposals

List any approved proposals that we need to implement here.

Miscellaneous TODOs

  • Redirect the page to the new wiki page. Done
    1. Many sub pages are alredy migrated, some still need to be migrated
    2. Migrated sub Pages, need editing, links updated. Genral updating, minor fixes
    3. Update the links in the main page. Point them to the new wiki pages
    4. Update this todo list.
  • General code cleanup
    1. Make sure to migrate away from "from foo import *"
    2. Run pyflakes on the modules, make sure imports are correct
    3. Ensure all variable are accounted for, no unused, non undefined,... (pyflakes)
  • Check Bugzilla for things that need fixing

Code cleanup

This is where we will put the general policy for cleaning up the code base such as:

  • Run pyflakes on a file, fix any import issues, variables, etc. reported. (Please make this a habit before committing code)
  • Optionally run pylint on the code. Fix more issues that do not involve major re-factoring of the code. If more major re-factors are deemed needed, then add them here to be discussed, then decided upon before that work commences.

Helpful links

List relevant Bugzilla links hereː