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The Portage team hopes to holds irregular meetings in #gentoo-portage (webchat). It will be announced together with the agenda in the topic of #gentoo-portage. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Next Meeting

Next meeting: 2017-??-??-??ː?? (UTC)

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Item Submitter Summary
leader election alexander for brian
metamanifest alexander for brian
gpg enabled tree alexander for brian
open floor

Past Meetings

Date Participants Log Summary
July 2th, 2017 bernalex, dol-sen, dwfreed, mrueg, zmedico 2017-07-02 log Lead election discussion, repoman stage3 re-write, metamanifest and other outstanding PR's, Portage/Repoman-3.x
June 7th, 2016 bernalex, mgorny, ulm, zmedico 2016-06-07 log Make a new release when INSTALL_MASK changes are merged. Review INSTALL_MASK changes 2016-06-07. Deal with LINGUAS stuff post-L10N change.
April 16, 2016 bernalex, dol-sen, zmedico 2016-04-16.log
March 10, 2016 bernalex, dol-sen, zmedico 2016-03-10.log
October 19, 2014 dol-sen, zmedico, mgorny, floppym, dwfreed 20140724.log Meeting Summary
September 11, 2014 mgorny, dol-sen, zmedico, Arfrever, creffett 20140724.log Meeting Summary
July 24, 2014 dol-sen, bernalex, mgorny, nullishzero, angry-vincent, ssuominen, dilfridge, igli, kensington, fuzzyray 20140724.log Meeting summary
June 14, 2014 dol-sen, bernalex, TomWij, nullishzero, In channel, but silent/afk { creffet, few_, vapier, Tommy[D] } 20140614.log Regular meeting
Febuary 09, 2014 dol-sen, few_, TomWij, TommyD, Arfrever, nullishzero, nuerogeek, creffet, prometheanfire, grobian, In channel, but silent/afk { rafaelmartins, bernalex, dastergon } 20140109.log Regular meeting
January 09, 2014 dol-sen, antarus, TomWij, creffet, nullishzero, rafaelmartins, Arfrever, bernalex, prometheanfire, dwfreed, 20140109.log Regular meeting