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LoongArch Admin Notes

These are various notes mainly targeted at people administrating Gentoo dev machines, although most things are probably generally useful. These are not general "how do I administrate a Gentoo box" notes.


These are the current systems we have available. See machine specific notes at bottom for more details.

Machine Name DNS SSH port Console Server Console Account
nanmen2 222 n/a n/a

Contact xen0n for setting up access.

Hostnames are taken from the Chinese names of stars that belong to one of the Azure Dragon/東方青龍 mansions. Nanmen 2 (南门二) is the famous α Centauri and happens to be included. A future smaller machine could take the dimmer Nanmen 1's name.


The DNS service provider xen0n is using does not support SSHFP records, so for now you will have to check against this table.

Host SSH Key (ECDSA) SSH Key (RSA) SSH Key (ED25519)
nanmen2 SHA256:kSB1FsNsxOvOHiyjeZn4AO3GjgqVVgGMOKb51pcxOZE SHA256:K1DXqCiiwLn963EpAAN3B4yRIhBjGUMb2+FD0Mq58YI SHA256:Cb9eL5OAhFBPD99lxYLlUAWbIU4xJiySOw1yf467Shk

Machine-specific Notes


  • Contact: xen0n at Gentoo, TBD at Loongson
  • Hosting: Loongson
  • IPv4: (external), (Loongson LAN)
  • IPv6: 2409:874c:d10:160::20:32 (external)
  • System: (exact brand and model not known yet)
  • Memory: 128GiB
  • CPU: 2-way Loongson 3C5000L @ 2.2GHz, 32 cores in total
  • Disks: 256GB

net-misc/mosh is installed on the box, but will not work over IPv4 because the public SSH IPv4 access is just a single forwarded port.

Reboots take 5~10 minutes to complete.