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Major tasks

  1. add x32 support to compiler-rt.

Minor tasks

These are the tasks that are of low priority but should be eventually done:

  1. support Doxygen documentation (TODO: patch install paths upstream),
  2. support OCaml docs (TODO: patch install paths upstream),
  3. figure out if we can disable building OCaml docs when they are not installed.

Ebuild tasks

  1. compiler-rt*: convert to multilib-minimal.


Most important tasks:

  1. figure out why it fails to start processes on some systems,
  2. figure out what to do about custom module (upstream builds their own against libedit since lldb links against libedit, and we don't want to mix it with libreadline...),
  3. fix it to build shared libs like the rest of LLVM,
  4. fix it to detect libs (-lrt, -ldl, -ltinfo) in stand-alone builds instead of hacking it around in ebuild,
  5. [maybe] submit upstream patch to byte-compile Python modules.