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Repositories in gentoo/ namespace

We no longer allow original repositories on GitHub. If you wish to create a new repository, please create it on and (optionally) mirror to GitHub. Alternatively, use your own GitHub account.

Mirrors of repositories

We support automatically mirroring repositories from git.g.o to GitHub (or other external git hostings providing git-over-SSH access).

The mirrors are unidirectional. If you push any changes to the GitHub end (e.g. click the 'merge' button on a pull request), those changes are overwritten (force pushed over) on the next git.g.o commit.

In order to obtain a GitHub mirror of your repository:

  1. Create the desired GitHub repository (either in gentoo/ namespace or on your private account).
  2. Add a push access for the bot:
    • If the repository is in gentoo/ organization, add the Mirror bot team with write access to the repository.
    • If the repository is outside gentoo/, add the gentoo-bot user as a collaborator with write access.
  3. Open a bug requesting git.g.o end setup.