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Monitoring the development branch

The first task of Trusted Contributors is to monitor the commits to the development branch and ensure that no malicious actions get through. If you notice any malicious commits, please revert them immediately and report the problem to GURU developers for account suspension.

If you notice suspicious actions, please try talking to the committer in question first. We leave it to your judgment whether the suspicious commit should be reverted or kept until the matter is resolved. However, you should try to prevent it from reaching master branch.

Please review commits/the tree for QA issues but please don't hold up merges. This is more about learning and helping your fellow contributors rather than acting as a gatekeeper. Ask a Gentoo developer or the community in #gentoo-dev-help or #gentoo-guru if you want to discuss solutions or determine if a better method exists.

Reviewing and pushing to master branch

For new commits to reach end users, they need to be pushed to master branch. This is done via reviewing some or all of the new commits from the dev branch, and pushing them over. To see the new commits, use:

user $git pull
user $git log -p origin/

The most important point of reviewing is to ensure that no malicious or otherwise dangerous commits reach end users. You can also look for other ebuild issues but you shouldn't block merging to master unless there are major issues in question.

If you notice any issues, you can either ask the original committer to fix them, or fix them yourself. If you choose the latter, please fix them on the development branch first. Do not ever commit to master branch directly.

If you believe that the development branch is good enough to be merged to master, use:

user $git push origin dev:master

This will push your local dev branch into the remote master branch.


Trusted Contributors who do not push to the master branch for a period of more then 1 years may have their trusted access revoked. An e-mail, as well as a comment on the original ascension request, will be sent to inactive trusted contributors before their trusted access is revoked. Trusted Contributors whose trusted access has been revoked may regain trusted access at some later date by requesting this on their original ascension request.