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Adding new contributors

Adding new contributors requires gitolite-admin permissions on Overlays team level.

  1. Verify that the new Contributor has agreed to regulations.
  2. Add the Contributor to /var/mail/alias/misc/guru-committers on dev.g.o.
  3. Add the Contributor's keys to nondevs/ in gitolite-admin.
  4. Add the Contributor to @guru-committers group in gitolite-admin.
  5. Run scripts/ in gitolite-admin.

Ascending contributors to Trusted Contributors

This is done on contributor's request.

  1. Verify that the Contributor has done sufficient amount of good work in the past.
  2. Move the Contributor from /var/mail/alias/misc/guru-committers to guru-trusted on dev.g.o.
  3. Move the Contributor from @guru-committers to @guru-trusted in gitolite-admin.

Adding new developers

If you'd like to help out, please:

  1. Add yourself to /var/mail/alias/misc/guru-devs on dev.g.o.
  2. Add yourself (or request adding) to repo/proj/guru.git ACL in gitolite-admin.