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GNOME contains many packages organized into groups that should be bumped together.

Core groups

The core groups are the most critical (i.e., they are the reverse dependencies of the largest number of other GNOME packages) and should be bumped first.


  1. dev-libs/gobject-introspection-common
  2. dev-libs/gobject-introspection
  3. dev-util/gdbus-codegen
  4. dev-util/glib-utils
  5. dev-libs/glib
  6. net-libs/glib-networking
  7. dev-python/pygobject - often not crucial to be done together with the rest





  • dconf, dconf-editor
  • vala, vala-common
  • gtk-doc, gtk-doc-am
  • yelp, yelp-xsl, yelp-tools
  • grilo, grilo-plugins
  • eog, eog-plugins
  • evolution, evolution-data-server
  • cheese, gnome-video-effects
  • gnome-flashback, gnome-applets, gnome-panel, metacity

Independent groups

These groups can typically be updated independently of core GNOME.




  • Both packages have a downstream patch series applied with USE=-vanilla
  • The patches are from the Fedora and are available in their repos:
    • vte291
      • vte291-cntnr-precmd-preexec-scroll.patch
    • gnome-terminal
      • gnome-terminal-cntr-ntfy-autottl-ts.patch
      • The last patch in the gnome-terminal series ("screen, window: Preserve current toolbox, if any") should be removed. Simply delete it from the .patch file.
  • Compress both patches and upload them to your distfiles directory, since they are too large to go into ${FILESDIR}


Note that amtk and tepl use a x.y.z versioning scheme where unstable releases are denoted with an odd value of y. We typically don't care to package those unstable releases.



These two (mainly libxslt as the consumer) rely on internal API changes which may be carried out between releases. Be careful when making snapshots, and bump new versions at the same time.