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Those who are eligible to vote in this election are all current Gentoo Foundation members.

How do I cast my vote for this election?

After polls are open, Eligible current Gentoo developers should login to and run the following commands, in the order specified.

  • votify --new — This creates a new ballot in your homedir.
  • Edit the .ballot- file and rank the candidates.
  • Once you're sure, run votify --verify to check the validity of the ballot.
  • If that goes through fine, the next and final step is to submit your vote using votify --submit
  • In case you're stuck, detailed help can be accessed by using votify --help or feel free to drop by #gentoo-elections on IRC. If you think you are eligible to vote, but cannot, please contact one of the officials.
  • Grab a beer, have fun, sit back and enjoy the show..till we announce the results ;)

The remaining Foundation members, should email their ballot to the election officials, to vote-trustees-201506@g.o signing the mail with their gpg key.