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Title Gentoo Council 2019/2020 Election
ID council-201906
Election Officials Graaff, Dabbott, NeddySeagoon
Infra Contact(s) Jmbsvicetto
Voting eligibility cutoff 2019/06/07
Nomination period 2019/06/08 0000h UTC — 2019/06/22 0000h UTC
Voting period 2019/06/23 0000h UTC — 2019/07/07 0000h UTC


We're pleased to present you the Gentoo Council members for the 2019/2020 term:

  • Thomas Deutschmann (whissi)
  • William Hubbs (williamh)
  • Georgy Yakovlev (gyakovlev)
  • Andreas K. Hüttel (dilfridge)
  • Ulrich Müller (ulm)
  • Sergei Trofimovich (slyfox)
  • Patrick Lauer (patrick)

We published the master ballot file. This file contains all submitted ballots. Each of this ballots can be identified using a confirmation ID. Every person who voted in this election was mailed their ID by one of election officials. If you haven't received your ID, please contact one of election officials to provide you with that information. Using this ID and master ballot file people who voted can verify that their votes were included during counting votes.

We also published the full countify script output so you can check how the whole vote counting was done.

Gentoo Council 201906 full ranked list of candidates

  • whissi
  • williamh
  • gyakovlev
  • dilfridge
  • ulm
  • slyfox
  • patrick
  • amynka
  • bircoph
  • k_f
  • zlogene
  • _reopen_nominations

Election turnout

In this election, the following were the total of eligible voters that have voted:

  • Total voters: 156
  • Submitted ballots: 70
  • Current turnout: 44.872%


Legend: accepted (green), reply pending (grey), declined (red)

Name Manifesto Council Trustee Comrel QA Acceptance
Amynka accepted
Bircoph accepted
Dilfridge accepted
Gyakovlev accepted
K_f accepted
Patrick accepted
Slyfox accepted
Ulm accepted
Whissi accepted
Williamh accepted
Zlogene accepted
Alexxy no response
Anarchy no response
Asturm no response
Axs no response
Bkohler no response
Blueknight no response
Blueness no response
Calchan no response
Chainsaw no response
Dolsen no response
Floppym no response
Gokturk no response
Hanno no response
Haubi no response
Heroxbd no response
Jlec no response
Kensington no response
Kentnl no response
Klausman no response
Lu_zero no response
Maffblaster no response
Monsieurp no response
Steev no response
Titanofold no response
Toralf no response
Ultrabug no response
Vapier no response
Zorry no response
Zx2c4 no response
Amadio declined
Bman declined
Chewi declined
Chithanh declined
Chutzpah declined
Desultory declined
Graaff declined
Grknight declined
Grobian declined
Jmbsvicetto declined
Jstein declined
Leio declined
MGorny declined
Mattst88 declined
Mjo declined
Mpagano declined
Mrueg declined
Np-hardass declined
Perfinion declined
Polynomial-C declined
Prometheanfire declined
Rich0 declined
Robbat2 declined
Soap declined
Tamiko declined
Zmedico declined

If you think you see a mistake in this table, please contact the election officials.


All nominations must be sent to the gentoo-project mailing list. If you were nominated and want to run, you have to accept your nomination on the same mailing list.

  • Council elections generally happen once a year.
  • The council is composed of seven elected members.
  • Nominations are allowed from 8 June 2019 00H00 UTC to 22 June 2019 00H00 UTC.
  • Only Gentoo developers may be nominated.
  • Anyone can nominate (nominating yourself is OK).
  • Nominees must accept their nomination before voting begins.
  • Voting is opened from 23 June 2019 00H00 UTC to 7 July 2019 00H00 UTC.
  • Only Gentoo developers may vote.
  • The list of Gentoo Developers is based on active membership by 7 June 2019 (the day before the election will be opened).
  • Gentoo uses the Condorcet method of voting.
  • Results should be published the day after voting closes.

Information for Voters

Those who are eligible to vote in this election are all current Gentoo Developers at the day before the election was opened.

How do I cast my vote for this election?

After polls are open, voters should login to and run the following commands, in the order specified.

  • votify --new council-201906 — This creates a new ballot in your homedir.
  • Edit the .ballot-council-201906 file and rank the candidates.
  • Once you're sure, run votify --verify council-201906 to check the validity of the ballot.
  • If that goes through fine, the next and final step is to submit your vote using votify --submit council-201906
  • In case you're stuck, detailed help can be accessed by using votify --help or feel free to drop by #gentoo-elections (webchat) on the Libera.Chat IRC network. If you think you are eligible to vote, but cannot, please contact one of the officials.
  • Grab a coffee or a beer, have fun, sit back and enjoy the show...until the results are announced.

Election e-mails

Election opening email