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Desktop effects
Description Manage various windows managers, x11 miscellaneous applications which are commonly used for various effects on your desktop
IRC Channel #gentoo-desktop-effects
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Parent Project Gentoo Linux
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The purpose of the desktop effects project is to manage various applications commonly employed for nice effects, usually using xcomposite and 3D features, on your desktop.


Provide support for compiz, other 3D window managers and any additional packages, related to them.


We're always interested by users, who want to contribute. If you want to get involved with improving Gentoo's desktop effects experience, we'd like to hear from you! The main thing you'll want to do is be active on Bugzilla . A good start is to provide patches or ebuilds to bug reports that have already been filed by other users.

Also please join desktop-effects project members in #gentoo-desktop-effects on Freenode.

Official overlay

We maintain an overlay called desktop-effects in layman. It contains additional applications, as well as snapshot and live ebuilds for compiz stuff. Things there are considered not stable enough for the main tree, but are used for testing. You can help us with testing these ebuilds.

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