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These guidelines for council meeting summaries are the result of reading (and improving) way too many horrible old files; intended as recommended best practices, not as a binding policy.

  1. Anything that was decided by the council outside the logged council meeting within the last month (e.g. a vote on a bug) needs to be added to the summary with reference to the source.
  2. The meeting agenda or a link to it on should be included in the log and/or summary.
  3. Agendas and similar documents should be posted to the mailing list(s) as part of the main e-mail body, not as attachment (since the attachments are not shown on
  4. Referenced documents (e.g. policy drafts available in somebody's devspace or on a pastebin) should be included in the log and/or summary (at the end). The only exception is texts available on, in our VCSs or on our bugzilla.
  5. If there was a formal vote, the summary should list voting results (x yes, y no, ...) and the exact wording that was voted on.