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Description The Contains Project provides minimal container images for a variety of container formats so that users can have a consistent experience when building application specific containers.
Project email
IRC channel #gentoo-containers (webchat)
Lead(s) none
No lead election date set
(and inherited member(s))
Parent Project Gentoo
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Gentoo Containers aims to simplify and standardize Gentoo usage pertaining to containers. The Gentoo Containers team provide automatically generated, minimal container images for a variety of formats (i.e. Docker, LMCTFY, LXC) and architectures using Gentoo as the base system. This allows users of the containers to have a good and trustworthy starting point from which to build their application specific containers. The resulting container images will be smaller with less chance for problems.


The following people are or have been actively contributing to the project.

Contributor Nickname Role Still active?
Tianon Gravi tianon Contributor yes
W. Trevor King wking Contributor yes


Next meeting: TBA
Agenda: TBA

The Containers team holds irregular meetings in #gentoo-meetings (webchat) usually on the TBA of every month at TBD. Whenever there is a meeting, it will be announced together with the agenda in the topic of #gentoo-containers (webchat). Everyone is welcome to attend.