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This page is work in progress.

Complete Bugreport - assign as usual

The bugreport includes all information. If it is about a package: Get the maintainers from metadata.xml and assign the bug to them. There is a Script which does this automatically in the browser for you.

If it is an eclass, lookup the maintainer in the eclass file.

Bugreport without log or info

Suggested Comment:
Thank you for the report. We need to have all information at hand before ticket assignment. That is why I ask you always to 
attach the logs and paste the emerge info as described on 
Please reopen this ticket (Status:UNCONFIRMED) afterwards.

Status: Closed - Needinfo, assign, when log and info is complete

Version Bump request

Summary format to request a version bump to 2.0 should be one of

cat/pkg-2.0 Version Bump
cat/pkg-2.0 version bump
cat/pkg-2.0: Version Bump
cat/pkg-2.0: version bump


Sugested reaction on Zero-Day bump requests

  • with patch/pull request: Assign as usual.
  • fixing an urgent security problem: Assign as usual security bug.
  • no reason for urgent bump:
Suggested Comment:
Thank you for the bump request, but please wait at least 48h next time. 

Assign as usual.

Explanation: It is not efficient to close the ticket and accept the creation of a new ticket 2 days later. Closing the ticket also annoys the user who opened the ticket with good intent and makes the thread long as in bug #722766.