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Packages that one might find of interest on Apple silicon:

  • sys-apps/asahi-bless allows picking the booting system on the command line. Useful for switching the boot primarily to macOS or just for the next boot.
  • sys-apps/asahi-startup-disk is essentially a graphical user interface for sys-apps/asahi-bless.
  • net-misc/asahi-wifisync for syncing Wi-Fi passwords with macOS as a convenience.
  • net-misc/asahi-btsync for syncing bluetooth pairing key with macOS. Useful for having the same pairing with bluetooth devices, allowing them to work in both Gentoo and macOS without re-pairing each time.
  • sys-apps/asahi-nvram is the low-level access to the "NVRAM" used on Apple silicon. Can be dangerous to use, so generally prefer the specific functionality packages instead.
  • app-laptop/tiny-dfr allows the touch bar found on the older Apple silicon Macbook Pro's to work for function and media keys (with some configurability support).