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This FAQ is a collection of questions and answers from the gentoo-prefix IRC and private emails about Gentoo on Android.

Why RAP (Rap Ain't Prefix)? What's the difference between RAP and Prefix?

RAP is a nick for "Prefix with libc". Classical Prefix relies on the libc from its host, but RAP has its own. Technically, Classical Prefix is called prefix-rpath and RAP is called prefix-standalone.

See also the discussion in the gentoo-alt mailing list.

Why ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~amd64-linux" inside make.conf? Isn't my device an arm?

This is a historical left over. Gentoo Prefix and arm architecture are both new babies of the community a decade ago. The Prefix team then decided not to support arm. Therefore keyword arm-linux has never been officially approved by the Prefix team.

In RAP, it uses arm keyword directly instead of arm-linux. But in the prefix overlay (on which RAP relies), arm is not used either. ~amd64-linux means the ebuild is Prefix ready, and if it is keyworded arm in the main ebuild repository, it is very likely to work on arm Prefix.

Having ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~amd64-linux" in make.conf circumvent this issue.

Why not put keyword arm into the prefix overlay?

Because we are lazy, and we want to keep it as a reminder to merge the prefix tree back into the main ebuild repository. See tracker 315803.

I want to use passwd, but it isn't there.

${EPREFIX}/bin/passwd is installed by sys-apps/shadow, a package that does not support Prefix. If password is only for ssh login, try to use public key pairs. Otherwise, please help patch sys-apps/shadow to let it work on Prefix.

How can I reboot or shutdown my phone from the Gentoo shell?

Android ships /system/bin/reboot and /system/bin/shutdown. Appending /system/bin to PATH could be convenient.