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Alt Project
Description Provide Gentoo-way solutions for non-GNU/Linux platforms.
IRC Channel #gentoo-alt
Lead(s) none
No lead election date set
(and inherited members)
Parent Project Gentoo Linux
Project listing

Gentoo/Alt is a top-level project that manages efforts to support alternate Gentoo platforms and runtime environments. In many ways, gentoo-alt represents the "cutting edge" work that is being done to expand the capabilities and potential of Gentoo in general.


The tasks of the gentoo-alt project include:

  • Tech documentation - A complete documentation for developers
To avoid that the missing of one of the devs makes difficult maintaining the project, all the technical documentation about Gentoo/Alt projects must be written and published, so that they are available to whoever wants to help.
  • Alternate Prefix - Support for alternate prefixes for Portage (finished)
To get Gentoo/Alt projects working on platforms where you are not able to change what is installed in base system (closed-source systems, for instance), a solution is to add support for alternate prefix installation in Portage.


Resources offered by the gentoo-alt project include:


Here you can find all the logs of Gentoo/Alt meetings, ordered by date. The meetings are being held on request from project members and occours on #gentoo-alt (moderated if it's the case).

  • 2005-09-26

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