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mgorny-dev-scripts is a collection of useful utilities to improve the ebuild development experience.



root #emerge --ask app-portage/mgorny-dev-scripts



pkgdiff-mg is a diff'ing tool that shows the differences in the source code between two different package versions.

Basic diff

To show the complete diff between package-1.0.0.ebuild and package-2.0.0.ebuild:

user $pkgdiff-mg package-1.0.0.ebuild package-2.0.0.ebuild

Comparing build system changes

To only view the build system changes, use --build-system or -b:

user $pkgdiff-mg -b package-1.0.0.ebuild package-2.0.0.ebuild

See also

  • Iwdevtools — a group of small tools to aid with Gentoo development, primarily intended for QA.
  • Pkgdev — a collection of tools for Gentoo development.