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The Apache PDFBox™ library is an open source Java tool for working with PDF documents. This project allows creation of new PDF documents, manipulation of existing documents and the ability to extract content from documents. Apache PDFBox also includes several command line utilities.


USE flags

USE flags for dev-java/pdfbox Java library and utilities for working with PDF documents

doc Add extra documentation (API, Javadoc, etc). It is recommended to enable per package instead of globally
source Zip the sources and install them
test Enable dependencies and/or preparations necessary to run tests (usually controlled by FEATURES=test but can be toggled independently)
tools Build and install pdfbox-tools


root #emerge --ask dev-java/pdfbox


If compiled with USE=tools it provides a series of command-line utilities. They are available as standard Java applications. Invocations shown below are from version 2.0.26.

user $pdfbox Decrypt
Usage: pdfbox Decrypt [options] <inputfile> [outputfile]

  -alias    : The alias of the key in the certificate file (mandatory if several keys are available
  -password : The password to open the certificate and extract the private key from it.
  -keyStore : The KeyStore that holds the certificate.
user $pdfbox Encrypt
Usage: pdfbox Encrypt [options] <inputfile> [outputfile]

  -O <password>                            : Set the owner password (ignored if certFile is set)
  -U <password>                            : Set the user password (ignored if certFile is set)
  -certFile <path to cert>                 : Path to X.509 certificate (repeat both if needed)
  -canAssemble <true|false>                : Set the assemble permission
  -canExtractContent <true|false>          : Set the extraction permission
  -canExtractForAccessibility <true|false> : Set the extraction permission
  -canFillInForm <true|false>              : Set the fill in form permission
  -canModify <true|false>                  : Set the modify permission
  -canModifyAnnotations <true|false>       : Set the modify annots permission
  -canPrint <true|false>                   : Set the print permission
  -canPrintDegraded <true|false>           : Set the print degraded permission
  -keyLength <length>                      : Key length in bits (valid values: 40, 128 or 256, default is 256)

Note: By default all permissions are set to true
user $pdfbox ExtractText
Usage: pdfbox ExtractText [options] <inputfile> [output-text-file]

  -password <password>        : Password to decrypt document
  -encoding <output encoding> : UTF-8 (default) or ISO-8859-1, UTF-16BE,
                                UTF-16LE, etc.
  -console                    : Send text to console instead of file
  -html                       : Output in HTML format instead of raw text
  -sort                       : Sort the text before writing
  -ignoreBeads                : Disables the separation by beads
  -debug                      : Enables debug output about the time consumption
                                of every stage
  -alwaysNext                 : Process next page (if applicable) despite
                                IOException (ignored when -html)
  -rotationMagic              : Analyze each page for rotated/skewed text,
                                rotate to 0° and extract separately
                                (slower, and ignored when -html)
  -startPage <number>         : The first page to start extraction (1 based)
  -endPage <number>           : The last page to extract (1 based, inclusive)
  <inputfile>                 : The PDF document to use
  [output-text-file]          : The file to write the text to
user $pdfbox ExtractImages
Usage: pdfbox ExtractImages [options] <inputfile>

  -password <password>   : Password to decrypt document
  -prefix <image-prefix> : Image prefix (default to pdf name)
  -directJPEG            : Forces the direct extraction of JPEG/JPX images 
                           regardless of colorspace or masking
  -noColorConvert        : Images are extracted with their 
                           original colorspace if possible.
  <inputfile>            : The PDF document to use

user $pdfbox OverlayPDF
Usage: pdfbox OverlayPDF <inputfile> [options] <outputfile>

  <inputfile>                                  : input file
  <defaultOverlay.pdf>                         : default overlay file
  -odd <oddPageOverlay.pdf>                    : overlay file used for odd pages
  -even <evenPageOverlay.pdf>                  : overlay file used for even pages
  -first <firstPageOverlay.pdf>                : overlay file used for the first page
  -last <lastPageOverlay.pdf>                  : overlay file used for the last page
  -useAllPages <allPagesOverlay.pdf>           : overlay file used for overlay, all pages are used by simply repeating them
  -page <pageNumber> <specificPageOverlay.pdf> : overlay file used for the given page number, may occur more than once
  -position foreground|background              : where to put the overlay file: foreground or background
  <outputfile>                                 : output file
user $pdfbox PrintPDF
Usage: pdfbox PrintPDF [options] <inputfile>

  -password  <password>                : Password to decrypt document
  -printerName <name>                  : Print to specific printer
  -orientation auto|portrait|landscape : Print using orientation
                                           (default: auto)
  -border                              : Print with border
  -dpi                                 : Render into intermediate image with
                                           specific dpi and then print
  -noColorOpt                          : Disable color optimizations
                                           (useful when printing barcodes)
  -silentPrint                         : Print without printer dialog box

Available printer names:
user $pdfbox PDFDebugger
user $pdfbox PDFMerger
Usage: pdfbox PDFMerger <inputfiles 2..n> <outputfile>

  <inputfiles 2..n> : 2 or more source PDF documents to merge
  <outputfile>      : The PDF document to save the merged documents to

user $pdfbox PDFReader
user $pdfbox PDFSplit
Usage: pdfbox PDFSplit [options] <inputfile>

  -password  <password>  : Password to decrypt document
  -split     <integer>   : split after this many pages (default 1, if startPage and endPage are unset)
  -startPage <integer>   : start page
  -endPage   <integer>   : end page
  -outputPrefix <prefix> : Filename prefix for split files
  <inputfile>            : The PDF document to use

user $pdfbox PDFToImage
Usage: pdfbox PDFToImage [options] <inputfile>

  -password  <password>            : Password to decrypt document
  -format <string>                 : Available image formats: JPG, jpg, tiff, bmp, BMP, gif, GIF, WBMP, png, PNG, JPEG, tif, TIF, TIFF, wbmp, jpeg
  -prefix <string>                 : Filename prefix for image files
  -page <int>                      : The only page to extract (1-based)
  -startPage <int>                 : The first page to start extraction (1-based)
  -endPage <int>                   : The last page to extract (inclusive)
  -color <string>                  : The color depth (valid: bilevel, gray, rgb (default), rgba)
  -dpi <int>                       : The DPI of the output image, default: screen resolution or 96 if unknown
  -quality <float>                 : The quality to be used when compressing the image (0 <= quality <= 1)
                                     (default: 0 for PNG and 1 for the other formats)
  -cropbox <int> <int> <int> <int> : The page area to export
  -time                            : Prints timing information to stdout
  -subsampling                     : Activate subsampling (for PDFs with huge images)
  <inputfile>                      : The PDF document to use
user $pdfbox TextToPDF
Usage: pdfbox TextToPDF [options] <outputfile> <textfile>

  -standardFont <name> : Helvetica (default)
  -ttf <ttf file>      : The TTF font to use.
  -fontSize <fontSize> : default: 10
  -pageSize <pageSize> : Letter (default)
  -landscape           : sets orientation to landscape
user $pdfbox WriteDecodedDoc
Usage: pdfbox WriteDecodedDoc [options] <inputfile> [outputfile]

  -password <password> : Password to decrypt the document
  -skipImages          : Don't uncompress images
  <inputfile>          : The PDF document to be decompressed
  [outputfile]         : The filename for the decompressed pdf

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