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package.accept_keywords and package.keywords are files or directories of files containing definitions for per-package ACCEPT_KEYWORDS statements. They are useful for mixing unstable packages in with a normally stable system packages or vice versa.

These two locations allow ACCEPT_KEYWORDS to be augmented for single packages. If both package.accept_keywords and package.keywords are present, both will be used; values from package.accept_keywords will override values from package.keywords. The package.accept_keywords location is intended to replace the package.keywords location, since profiles support a different form of package.keywords which modifies effective KEYWORDS (rather than ACCEPT_KEYWORDS).

Format and examples

  • Comment lines begin with # (no inline comments).
  • One DEPEND atom per line followed by additional KEYWORDS.
  • Lines without any KEYWORDS imply unstable host arch.
FILE /etc/portage/package.accept_keywordspackage.accept_keywords example
# Always use unstable libgd
media-libs/libgd ~x86

# Only use stable mplayer
media-video/mplayer -~x86

# Always use unstable netcat

Note: In addition to the normal values from ACCEPT_KEYWORDS package.keywords supports three special tokens:

  • * - Package is visible if it is stable on any architecture.
  • ~* - Package is visible if it is in testing on any architecture.
  • ** - Package is always visible (KEYWORDS are ignored completely).

Additional note: If you encounter the -* KEYWORD, this indicates that the package is known to be broken on all systems which are not otherwise listed in KEYWORDS. For example, a binary only package which is built for x86 will look like:

FILE games-fps/quake3-demo-1.11.ebuildBroken on all but x86 example
KEYWORDS="-* x86"

To accept this package anyway, use one of the other keywords in package.accept_keywords like this:

FILE /etc/portage/package.accept_keywordsAccept anyways example
games-fps/quake3-demo x86

Find obsolete entries

Using eix

Using app-portage/eix:

user $eix-test-obsolete
Redundant in /etc/portage/package.{,accept_}keywords:

... considered as REDUNDANT_IF_NO_CHANGE
[I] app-text/pdftk (3.0.0@09/06/2018): gcj-free version of pdftk written in Java
[I] dev-java/commons-lang (3.6(3.6)@03/30/2018): Commons components to manipulate core java classes
Found 2 matches

Using portpeek

Using app-portage/portpeek:

user $portpeek --keyword

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