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The Package Manager Specification (PMS) is a standardization effort to ensure that the ebuild file format, the ebuild repository format (of which the Gentoo ebuild repository is the main incarnation), as well as behavior of the package managers interacting with these ebuilds is properly agreed upon and documented.

By defining the ebuild format and package managers behavior, it is possible for software developers to create other package managers next to Portage that are fully compatible with the ebuilds and can be used on Gentoo (and related) distributions.

For more information, see Gentoo's Package Manager Specification project.

Council approved specifications

EAPI version Approval date Links
5 2012-09-20 PDF - HTML - Cheat sheet
6 2015-11-13 PDF - HTML - Cheat sheet
7 2018-04-30 PDF - HTML - Cheat sheet
8 2021-06-13 PDF - HTML - Cheat sheet

Latest specification

EAPI version Approval date Links
Latest N/A (work in progress) PDF - HTML - Cheat sheet

External resources

See also

  • EAPI — a version defined in ebuilds and other package manager related files which informs the package manager about the file syntax and content.
  • Future EAPI — collects feature ideas which are being requested for inclusion in a future EAPI specification.