Notes on TeX related ebuilds

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We have two virtual ebuilds in the tree which consumers of tex/latex should depend on (see also bug #195894).

  1. virtual/latex-base (required in most cases)
  2. virtual/tex-base

Run time dependencies for packages like TeX editors and GUIs

If a package requires (La)TeX at runtime, but we do not know what the user wants to do with it exactly, it should depend on app-text/texlive.

Examples: app-office/texstudio.

FILE examples/a-tex-gui*.ebuild

Run time dependencies for packages with specific TeX dependencies

If a package requires specific TeX packages at runtime, like in a music score editor, which renders a score with LaTeX, it should depend on virtual/latex-base plus the specific packages.

Examples: media-sound/lilypond. TODO: FILEBOX

Build time dependencies for packages like PDF manuals

If a package requires TeX only at build time, it should depend on virtual/latex-base and if required also depend on specific tex packages.

Examples: app-doc/kicad-doc and media-gfx/inkscape.

FILE media-gfx/inkscape*.ebuild
    latex? (

Migrate SRC_URI from CTAN to TexLive (draft)

It is a common problem for our ebuilds that the CTAN server provides

  1. only the latest version of a package
  2. this package sometimes has no version information in the filename (the new version overwrites the old version)

The Gentoo mirror was misused as primary source as workaround for many TeX ebuilds.

FILE example.ebuild

Sometimes the developer webspace was used, which is much cleaner but not ideal too.

We should migrate to the texlive ftp server

FILE example.ebuild

Enables us to create a generic SRC_URI

FILE example.ebuild


kpathsea sets the path for font cache generation to (???) which is outside of the sandbox.

Setting VARTEXFONTS=${T}/fonts prevents sandbox violations. See also the Tracker bug #223077

Notes to be written

  • Procedure how to test a latex ebuild