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ncmpcpp (NCurses Music Player Client Plus Plus) is a sys-libs/ncurses based MPD (Music Player Daemon) client similar to ncmpc, with some new and improved features.


Ncmpcpp cannot play music by itself. The MPD backend is required to be installed locally (or on the remote server) which will be managed using the ncmpcpp frontend.

USE flags

USE flags for media-sound/ncmpcpp featureful ncurses based MPD client inspired by ncmpc

clock Enable clock screen
outputs Enable outputs screen
taglib Enable tagging support with taglib
visualizer Enable visualizer screen with sound wave/frequency spectrum modes


root #emerge --ask media-sound/ncmpcpp



After installation the user should make a .ncmpcpp directory within their specific /home directory. This is where ncmpcpp will read the configuration file and output any error messages.

user $mkdir ~/.ncmpcpp && touch ~/.ncmpcpp/config

Below is an example of a local user's ncmpcpp configuration file:

FILE ~/.ncmpcpp/config
ncmpcpp_directory =         "~/.ncmpcpp"
mpd_host =                  "localhost"
mpd_port =                  "6600"
mpd_music_dir =	            "/var/lib/mpd/music/"

See also

  • MPD - Documentation on MPD, a necessary ncmpcpp component.