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app-text/mupdf is a free and open-source software framework written in C that implements a PDF, XPS, and EPUB parsing and rendering engine. In Gentoo, several packages like app-text/llpp or app-text/zathura-pdf-mupdf use it internally for pdf rendering.

Binaries installed by MuPDF are:

  • mupdf-x11:
  • mutool: all purpose tool for dealing with PDF files (draw, clean, extract, info, create, pages, poster, show, run Javascript, convert, merge)
  • mupdf-x11-curl
  • muraster
  • mupdf-gl
  • mujstest: Scriptable tester for mupdf + js
  • mupdf

MuPDF is said to provide optional support for interactive features such as form filling. However, documentation of these features seems well hidden.

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