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msi-keyboard is a command line program to interact and control the backlight of MSI laptop keyboards. This program is written in C++ by Maxim Karpov, and uses the dev-libs/hidapi library.



To install app-laptop/msi-keyboard:

root #emerge --ask app-laptop/msi-keyboard


To get information about how to use this program, just type this command in a terminal:

user $msi-keyboard
msi-keyboard normal <left> <middle> <right>
msi-keyboard gaming <left>
msi-keyboard breathing <left> <middle> <right>
msi-keyboard wave <left> <middle> <right>

All colors can be specified either in HEX form (rrggbb) or as hue (hXXX)
Breathing and wave mode also accepts color pairs (first-second) as argument

For example, to change the actual keyboards colors to the classic red, blue and green keyboard, with normal mode, type:

user $msi-keyboard normal ff0000 0000ff 00ff00