Mk802 TV-Stick

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Revive an Allwinner TV-Stick with Mainline Kernel (plus a small patch)

Use RCN multiplatform repo for now, or just grab the patches from patches/sunxi on the latest branch (v4.7.x) and apply them to your kernel source.


Follow RCN wiki steps for building from his repo and deploying u-boot; there is also an mk802_defconfig in the above patch dir (recommended). The A20 OLinuXino-LIME steps also work for mk802, just replace the machine name.


The device tree patches add additional clocks and hardware (from the upstream sunxi-next branch) and set the OTG (mini-USB) port to host mode. With the port set to OTG mode in the device tree, the kernel module will not switch to host mode, so if you need a real USB 2.0 host port, then you need these patches. Note the full-size host port on the stick is OHCI/USB 1.0 only so a network adapter will be annoyingly slow. Use the mini-port and things are much less annoying. Also note that this whole thing requires a TV stick with a micro-SDCard slot.