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minidlna is a media server aiming to be dlna/upnp compliant.


USE flags

USE flags for net-misc/minidlna DLNA/UPnP-AV compliant media server

libav Prefer libav over ffmpeg whenever both are supported
netgear Enable netgear branding
readynas Enable readynas branding


Install net-misc/minidlna

root #emerge --ask net-misc/minidlna

To start immediately

root #rc-service minidlna start

To start at boot

root #rc-update add minidlna default


Configuration is controlled by /etc/minidlna.conf these settings should be changed.

FILE /etc/minidlna.conf
#friendly_name=My DLNA Server

Port Forwarding

Minidlna uses port 1900 udp & 8200 tcp

Manual Database Rebuild

root #rc-service minidlna stop && minidlnad -R

Automatic Database Rebuild

This article has some todo items:
  • how to make inotify work ?