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Lumina is a lightweight desktop environment, free of D-Bus and *kit, designed to have as few system dependencies and requirements as possible.


The x11-wm/lumina package is configurable by one USE flag:

USE flags for x11-wm/lumina Lumina desktop environment

desktop-utils Build and install lumina's desktop-utils

To install Lumina desktop, run:

root #emerge --ask x11-wm/lumina


A configuration file is installed in /etc/luminaDesktop.conf. Lumina also has a bunch of own configuration tools.


Lumina provides its own replacement for startx to be started from console.

user $start-lumina-desktop

Alternatively it can be added to the ~./xinitrc file for being started via startx or a display manager

FILE ~/.xinitrc
[[ -f ~/.Xresources ]] && xrdb -merge -I$HOME ~/.Xresources
exec start-lumina-desktop

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