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The Logitech Bolt is an encrypted wireless receiver dongle for Bolt enabled devices.

To quote Logitech:

It’s Logitech’s next-gen wireless technology — delivering a high-performance, secure wireless connection when compatible mice and keyboards are connected via Logi Bolt USB receiver.



KERNEL Enable Logitech hid++
Device Drivers --->
  [*] HID Devices  --->
     Special HID drivers --->
     <*>   Logitech receivers full support
     <*>   Logitech HID++ devices support


Solaar is a replacement for the OEM Logitech software. It allows pairing of bolt devices to their bolt receiver and configuring bolt and unify receiver enabled devices.

root #emerge --ask app-misc/solaar

Udev Rules

FILE /etc/udev/rules.d/42-logitech-unify-permissions.rules
# This rule was added by Solaar.
# Allows non-root users to have raw access to Logitech devices.
# Allowing users to write to the device is potentially dangerous
# because they could perform firmware updates.

ACTION != "add", GOTO="solaar_end"
SUBSYSTEM != "hidraw", GOTO="solaar_end"

# USB-connected Logitech receivers and devices
ATTRS{idVendor}=="046d", GOTO="solaar_apply"

# Lenovo nano receiver
ATTRS{idVendor}=="17ef", ATTRS{idProduct}=="6042", GOTO="solaar_apply"

# Bluetooth-connected Logitech devices
KERNELS == "0005:046D:*", GOTO="solaar_apply"



# Allow any seated user to access the receiver.
# uaccess: modern ACL-enabled udev
# udev-acl: for Ubuntu 12.10 and older
TAG+="uaccess", TAG+="udev-acl"

# Grant members of the "plugdev" group access to receiver (useful for SSH users)
#MODE="0660", GROUP="plugdev"

# vim: ft=udevrules
root #udevadm control --reload-rules

Hardware list

Device Version Solaar Compat Works? Reported by Notes
MX Keys Mini V1 Yes Yes nathanlkoch Everything works

Logitech bolt receivers can pair up to six keyboards and mice each. Logitech bolt receivers are fully HID complaint and work in the bios and are paired on a hardware level. Great for people who multi boot and do not require to be repaired.



If you are experiencing disconnects on either the Bolt or Unify receiver after enabling hid++ in the kernel, it could be because you are using an unpowered USB hub. Adding the kernel extension appear to either draw more power or cause conflicts when operating though a hub. Try connecting directly to your computer.