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这篇指南向你展示如何使用 logcheck 分析系统日志。

logcheck 入门


app-admin/logcheckapp-admin/logsentry ——一个系统日志分析工具——的升级版本。另外 logcheck 还自带一个内置的数据库,包含了很多常见的、不是用户感兴趣的日志信息,用于消除噪音。这个工具的主要思路是,所有的信息都是用户感兴趣的,出了那些被明确标记为噪音的信心。logcheck 会定期给你发送一封你感兴趣的信息的摘要的电子邮件。

安装 logcheck

如果你安装过 logsentry,强烈建议你先卸载它。此外,你应该删除 /etc/logcheck 以避免权限和文件冲突的问题。
root #emerge -c logsentry
root #rm -rf /etc/logcheck

现在你可以安装 logcheck。

root #emerge --ask app-admin/logcheck


app-admin/logcheck 会创建一个单独的用户 "logcheck",以避免以 root 用户运行。事实上,如果是 root 用户程序会拒绝运行。为了允许程序分析日志,你需要确保日志对于 logcheck 是可读的。这是一个 app-admin/syslog-ng 的例子:

文件 /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf/etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf snippet
options {
        ## (Make log files group-readable by logcheck)


root #/etc/init.d/syslog-ng reload
root #ls -l /var/log/messages
-rw-r----- 1 root logcheck 1694438 Feb 12 12:18 /var/log/messages

你现在应当在 /etc/logcheck/logcheck.conf 中调整 基本的 logcheck 配置。

文件 /etc/logcheck/logcheck.confBasic /etc/logcheck/logcheck.conf setup
# Controls the level of filtering:
# Can be Set to "workstation", "server" or "paranoid" for different
# levels of filtering. Defaults to server if not set.
## (The workstation level includes server, and server includes paranoid.
The paranoid level filters almost no messages)
# Controls the address mail goes to:
# *NOTE* the script does not set a default value for this variable!
# Should be set to an offsite "emailaddress@some.domain.tld"
## (Make sure you can receive the logcheck e-mails. Testing is strongly
# Controls if syslog-summary is run over each section.
# Alternatively, set to "1" to enable extra summary.
# HINT: syslog-summary needs to be installed.
## (If you get a lot of similar messages in the logs, you
may want to install app-admin/syslog-summary and enable
this setting)

你还需要在 (/etc/logcheck/logcheck.logfiles) 中告诉 logcheck 扫描那些日志文件。

文件 /etc/logcheck/logcheck.logfilesBasic /etc/logcheck/logcheck.logfiles setup
## (This is an example for syslog-ng)

Enable periodical log check

最后,启用 logcheck cron job。

Cron users

If logcheck is emerged with the cron USE flag enabled, it can read /etc/cron.hourly/logcheck.cron

文件 /etc/cron.hourly/logcheck.cronBasic /etc/cron.hourly/logcheck.cron
# To enable sync via cron, execute "sudo -u logcheck touch /etc/logcheck/cron-logcheck-enabled"
if [[ ! -f /etc/logcheck/cron-logcheck-enabled ]]; then
if [ ! -d /var/lock/logcheck ]; then
    mkdir -p /var/lock/logcheck
    chown logcheck:logcheck /var/lock/logcheck
sudo -u logcheck nice -n10 /usr/sbin/logcheck

To enable an hourly cron job, run:

root #sudo -u logcheck touch /etc/logcheck/cron-logcheck-enabled
关于 cron 的更多信息请查阅 Cron Guide

Systemd users

If logcheck is emerged with systemd USE flag enabled, a logcheck.timer can be activated running:

root #systemctl enable --now logcheck.timer


代码 Example logcheck message
System Events
Feb 10 17:13:53 localhost kernel: [30233.238342] conftest[25838]: segfault at 40 ip 40061403 sp bfc443c4 error 4
in libc-2.10.1.so[4003e000+142000]
Feb 11 12:31:21 localhost postfix/pickup[18704]: fatal: could not find any active network interfaces
Feb 11 12:31:22 localhost postfix/master[3776]: warning: process //usr/lib/postfix/pickup pid 18704 exit status 1
Feb 11 12:31:22 localhost postfix/master[3776]: warning: //usr/lib/postfix/pickup: bad command startup -- throttling



你可以使用 logcheck 的 -d 参数显示调试信息。例如:

root #su -s /bin/bash -c '/usr/sbin/logcheck -d' logcheck
D: [1281318818] Turning debug mode on
D: [1281318818] Sourcing - /etc/logcheck/logcheck.conf
D: [1281318818] Finished getopts c:dhH:l:L:m:opr:RsS:tTuvw
D: [1281318818] Trying to get lockfile: /var/lock/logcheck/logcheck.lock
D: [1281318818] Running lockfile-touch /var/lock/logcheck/logcheck.lock
D: [1281318818] cleanrules: /etc/logcheck/cracking.d/kernel
D: [1281318818] cleanrules: /etc/logcheck/violations.d/su
D: [1281318818] cleanrules: /etc/logcheck/violations.d/sudo
D: [1281318825] logoutput called with file: /var/log/messages
D: [1281318825] Running /usr/sbin/logtail2 on /var/log/messages
D: [1281318825] Sorting logs
D: [1281318825] Setting the Intro
D: [1281318825] Checking for security alerts
D: [1281318825] greplogoutput: kernel
D: [1281318825] greplogoutput: returning 1
D: [1281318825] Checking for security events
D: [1281318825] greplogoutput: su
D: [1281318825] greplogoutput: Entries in checked
D: [1281318825] cleanchecked - file: /tmp/logcheck.uIFLqU/violations-ignore/logcheck-su
D: [1281318825] report: cat'ing - Security Events for su
D: [1281318835] report: cat'ing - System Events
D: [1281318835] Setting the footer text
D: [1281318835] Sending report: 'localhost 2010-08-09 03:53 Security Events' to root
D: [1281318835] cleanup: Killing lockfile-touch - 17979
D: [1281318835] cleanup: Removing lockfile: /var/lock/logcheck/logcheck.lock
D: [1281318835] cleanup: Removing - /tmp/logcheck.uIFLqU

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