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Livestreamer is a CLI tool that pipes video streams from services like into a video player. A full list of the video players supported can be found here. Dailymotion, Livestream, Twitch, Ustream, and YouTube Live are all supported without add-ons.



For now. Livestreamer is accessible in the Pamler overlay:

root #eselect repository enable palmer
root #emerge --sync palmer

USE flags

USE flags will be present once the package is available in the main ebuild repository.


Once the overlay is installed:

root #emerge --ask net-misc/livestreamer


Using livestreamer to watch a favorite stream is fairly simple. Use the following command and adjust the options as needed:

user $livestreamer -p <player> <URL> <stream-quality>

Where <player> is the selected player. The default player is vlc, but other players such as mplayer or mpv can be used as well. Livestreamer should be able to locate the player by the name, but the full path to the player can be used as well.

<URL> is the location of the stream to watch. In all cases, http:// can be omitted, and in some cases www can be omitted as well.

<stream-quality> is a text value that defines the stream's quality. For some streams it can be from best to worst and for others it is a different scale. For Twitch, values include: audio, mobile, low, medium, high, and source.