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Misc licenses for free documents and other works (including fonts) that follow the definition at but are not listed in FSF-APPROVED-OTHER.

License Comment
BAEKMUK bug #694946
CC-SA-1.0 bug #334323
LDP-1 LDP-1a
man-pages Discussed in licenses team (Sep. 2012). Upstream calls it the "verbatim" license. Despite its name, it allows distribution of verbatim copies and modified versions, so we consider it a free license.
man-pages-posix-2013 Discussed in licenses team (Jan. 2010). The clause “Modifications to the text are permitted so long as any conflicts with the standard are clearly marked as such in the text” was seen as slightly problematic, but not as prohibitive for a free license.
MaxMind2 Consists of two parts: LGPL and an “Open Data License”. The latter is BSD-4 tailored for a database.
mplus-fonts bug #393303
myspell-en_CA-KevinAtkinson Similar to HPND
quake1-textures bug #470980
UbuntuFontLicense-1.0 Similar to OFL, discussed in licenses team (Dec. 2011)
vlgothic BSD type, bug #393305
wxWinFDL-3 bug #394669