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GPL-compatible free software licenses approved by the Free Software Foundation [1].

Gentoo FSF Comment
AGPL-3 AGPL-3+ GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3
Apache-2.0 Apache-2.0-with-LLVM-exceptions Apache License, Version 2.0
Artistic-2 Artistic License 2.0
Boost-1.0 Boost Software License
BSD Modified BSD license
BSD-2 FreeBSD license
CC0-1.0 CC0
CeCILL-2 CeCILL version 2
Clarified-Artistic The Clarified Artistic License [2]
Clear-BSD The Clear BSD License bug #416205
ECL-2.0 Educational Community License 2.0
FTL Freetype Project License
gcc-runtime-library-exception-3.1 GPL-3 with additional permissions
GPL-1 GPL-1+ GPL-2 GPL-2+ GPL-3 GPL-3+ GNU General Public License (GPL)
GPL-2+-with-openssl-exception GPL-2-with-classpath-exception GPL-2-with-exceptions GPL-2-with-font-exception GPL-2-with-linking-exception GPL-2-with-MySQL-FLOSS-exception GPL-2+-with-Pyinstaller-Bootloader-exception GPL-3+-with-autoconf-exception GPL-3+-with-font-exception GPL-3-with-font-exception GPL-3-with-openssl-exception Transmission-OpenSSL-exception UPX-exception GPL with various exceptions, more permissive than GPL
HPND Historical Permission Notice and Disclaimer
IJG Independent JPEG Group License
ISC ISC License
LGPL-2 LGPL-2+ LGPL-2.1 LGPL-2.1+ LGPL-3 LGPL-3+ GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
LGPL-2-with-linking-exception LGPL-2.1-with-linking-exception LGPL-3-with-linking-exception Nokia-Qt-LGPL-Exception-1.1 LGPL with linking exception, more permissive than LGPL
libgcc libstdc++ GPL v2 or later, with additional permissions for linking
metapackage Public Domain Non-license for metapackages that install no files, special case of public-domain. Discussed in licenses team (Oct. 2012)
MIT Expat License / X11 License commonly referred to as the MIT License
MPL-2.0 Mozilla Public License (MPL), Version 2.0
OPENLDAP OpenLDAP License, Version 2.7
PSF-2 PSF-2.4 License of Python 2.0.1, 2.1.1, and newer versions
public-domain Public Domain
PYTHON License of Python 1.6a2 and earlier versions
qwt LGPL-2.1 with exceptions, more permissive than LGPL, bug #394663
Ruby License of Ruby This is the old version, allowing the alternative use of the GPL
Ruby-BSD License of Ruby This is the new version, allowing the alternative use of the 2-clause BSD license
SGI-B-2.0 SGI Free Software License B, version 2.0
Sleepycat Berkeley Database License bug #300426
tanuki-community just GPL and BSD-alike [3]
Unicode-DFS-2016 Unicode, Inc. License Agreement for Data Files and Software
Unlicense The Unlicense
UoI-NCSA NCSA/University of Illinois Open Source License
vim License of Vim, Version 6.1 or later
W3C W3C Software Notice and License
WTFPL-2 WTFPL, Version 2
wxWinLL-3.1 WxWindows Library License
ZLIB License of ZLib
ZPL Zope Public License, versions 2.0 and 2.1