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JWM (Joe's Window Manager) is an extremely lightweight window manager for the X window system. Its installed size is less than 1.15 MB, regardless of the enabled USE flags.


USE flags

USE flags for x11-wm/jwm Very fast and lightweight still powerful window manager for X

bidi Enable bidirectional language support
cairo Enable support for the cairo graphics library
xinerama Add support for querying multi-monitor screen geometry through the Xinerama API
xpm Add support for XPM graphics format


root #emerge --ask x11-wm/jwm



Configuration files are in XML format.

  • /etc/system.jwmrc - Global (system wide) configuration file.
  • ~/.jwmrc - Local (per user) configuration file.

Additional information on configuring JWM can be found in the /usr/share/doc/jwm-2.3.6/ directory.



user $jwm -h
JWM v2.3.6 by Joe Wingbermuehle

compiled options: confirm icons jpeg nls png shape svg xbm xft xinerama xrender system configuration: /etc/system.jwmrc usage: jwm [ options ]

 -display X  Set the X display to use
 -exit       Exit JWM (send _JWM_EXIT to the root)
 -f file     Use specified configuration file
 -h          Display this help message
 -p          Parse the configuration file and exit
 -reload     Reload menu (send _JWM_RELOAD to the root)
 -restart    Restart JWM (send _JWM_RESTART to the root)
-v Display version information



root #emerge --ask --depclean --verbose x11-wm/jwm

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