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An init system is the first program, other than the kernel, to be run after a Linux distribution is booted. Due to the flexibility of Gentoo, several init systems are available for it. Beware, however, that even if another init system has been installed and set up quite often OpenRC is still required for other purposes.

Available software

Name Package Description
openrc-init sys-apps/openrc An init system (replacement for /sbin/init) included with OpenRC since version 0.25.0.
runit sys-process/runit a daemontools-inspired process supervision suite that also provides a program suitable for running as process 1
S6 sys-apps/s6 a supervision suite similar to runit, daemontools, and daemontools-encore.
SysVinit sys-apps/sysvinit The default init system of Gentoo Linux that is used by OpenRC.
systemd sys-apps/systemd a modern SysV-style init and rc replacement for Linux systems.

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