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If my genious idea is implemented it will cause several beneficial results for Gentoo users and developers alike. Among other benefits:

  • Improved Gentoo bugreporting/development skills
  • Hightened levels of common sense
  • Improved grammar of all written and spoken communication

Development team

Owner: me <me at>


  • myself <yourself at>
  • someone that I used to know <noone at>

Current Status

Last updated: DDMMYYYY

Target date (approximate): DDMMYYYY

Percentage of completion: XX[X]%

  • Foo works as expected and already improved English comprehension levels among schoolchildren by more than 100%
  • Bar is causing us trouble and makes our cows moo too much


This would be a place for a nice long essay about your idea if you are so inclined. You can even include diagrams and subsections!


Any Ideas your idea depends on should be listed here.

Contingency plan

What happens if your idea is not implemented 100% and Larrys start falling from skies? How will it affect Gentoo users. What would need to be done to rollback your changes. Possibly "N/A"


Are there any changes to our current documentation needed? (Handbook, devmanual, etc.)