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IceWM is a free and open-source, lightweight, stacking window manager for X11. It is written in C++ and is designed to be easily customizable. It is also used by lightweight, beginner-friendly distributions like Puppy Linux.


USE flags

USE flags for x11-wm/icewm Ice Window Manager with Themes

alsa Add support for media-libs/alsa-lib (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture)
ao Use libao audio output library for sound playback
bidi Enable bidirectional language support
debug Enable extra debug codepaths, like asserts and extra output. If you want to get meaningful backtraces see
gdk-pixbuf Enable gdk-pixbuf rendering
imlib Add support for imlib, an image loading and rendering library
nls Add Native Language Support (using gettext - GNU locale utilities)
truetype Add support for FreeType and/or FreeType2 fonts
xinerama Add support for querying multi-monitor screen geometry through the Xinerama API


Install x11-wm/icewm with:

root #emerge --ask x11-wm/icewm