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A hex editor is an application to allow viewing and editing of binary files, as opposed to text files.

If binary data gets improperly output to the terminal, it can sometimes "garble" the display, see this section of the terminal emulator article for help.

Available software

This is just a partial selection of hex editors available in Gentoo, see app-editors for more options.

Name Package Description
curses-hexedit app-editors/curses-hexedit Full screen curses hex editor (with insert/delete support).
dhex app-editors/dhex Ncurses-based hex-editor with diff mode.
ghex app-editors/ghex A GTK-based hexadecimal editor.
hexcurse app-editors/hexcurse Ncurses based hex editor.
hexedit app-editors/hexedit View and edit files in hex or ASCII.
hyx app-editors/hyx Minimalistic console hex editor with vim-like controls.
imhex app-editors/imhex Fancy hex editor with custom pattern language, diffing, editing, ... in GURU repo
okteta app-editors/okteta Hex editor by KDE.
qhexedit2 app-editors/qhexedit2 Hex editor library, Qt application written in C++ with Python bindings.
shed app-editors/shed Simple Hex EDitor.
wxhexeditor app-editors/wxhexeditor A cross-platform hex editor designed specially for large files.
xxd app-editors/vim A console-based text editor supplied with Vim. Also available as a separate package, dev-util/xxd, from the GURU ebuild repository.

See also

  • Pager — a tool for displaying the contents of files or other output on the terminal, in a user friendly way, across several screens if needed.
  • Text editor — a program to create and edit text files.