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Handbook:Templates/QuickLinks translation is needed for each translated Handbook/Main Page

Darkcircle (Talkcontribs)

Hello, This is Korean translation contributor, and sometimes, I can also be a wiki user.

I have very very foolish question about Quick Links on the Gentoo Handbook Main Page.
I... I think that Quick Links which is pointing to original language page,
is little bit strange and it should be linked to page in same language.
Language selection, after clicking one of Quick Links, is uncomfortable for users.

If there is the way of translation of Handbook:Templates/QuickLinks,
It will make many translators to create link to page 'in their own language'.

How would you think about it?

Cronolio (Talkcontribs)

There is hidden parameter "lang" {{Handbook:Templates/QuickLinks|lang=ko}} . I had found this in japan translation.

Summary by Feng

Confusion between different ISO codes (country, language).

Feng (Talkcontribs)

The language code of Ukraine is UA but the manual uses the UK language code.

The following pages should be modified:



Feng (Talkcontribs)

I confused the country codes with the language codes.

Maffblaster (Talkcontribs)

Does any action need to be taken here?

Feng (Talkcontribs)

No, I made a mistake! UK is the code of the ukrainian language but I thought of the United Kingdom.

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