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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

Architecture specific kernel configuration

Select the correct system type and processor type. DIG-compliant is a good default choice. When installing on an SGI system make sure to select the SGI system type, the kernel may just lock up and refuse to boot otherwise.

KERNEL Proper IA64 processor selection
System type --->
  (Change according to the system)
Processor type --->
  (Change according to the system)
  Itanium 2

Compiling and installing

With the kernel configured, it is time to compile and install it. Exit the configuration and start the compilation process:

root #make && make modules_install
It is possible to enable parallel builds using make -jN with N being the number of parallel tasks that the build process is allowed to launch. This is similar to the instructions about /etc/portage/make.conf earlier, with the MAKEOPTS variable.

When the kernel has finished compiling, copy the kernel image to /. Use whatever name is appropriate for your kernel choice and remember it as it will be referred to later on when configuring the bootloader. Remember to replace vmlinuz with the name and version of the installed kernel.

root #cp vmlinux.gz /boot/vmlinuz