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Installing PALO

On the PA-RISC platform, the boot loader is called palo. First merge this bootloader to the system:

root #emerge --ask sys-boot/palo

The configuration file will be found at /etc/palo.conf. Below is a sample configuration:

This configuration must be changed after running palo for the first time! See below for after first setup.
FILE /etc/palo.confSimple PALO configuration example

The first line tells palo the location of the kernel and which boot parameters it must use. The string 2/kernel-3.16.5-gentoo means the kernel named /kernel-3.16.5-gentoo resides on the second partition. Beware, the path to the kernel is relative to the boot partition, not to the root partition.

The second line indicates which recovery kernel to use. If it is the first install and there is no recovery kernel (yet), please comment this out. The third line indicates on which disk palo will reside.

To format the disk, palo must be run with certain arguments. This example uses ext4 for the first partition.

root #palo --format-as=4 --init-partitioned=/dev/sda

When configuration is done, simply run the palo command:

root #palo

The configuration must then be updated for post-first-install use:

FILE /etc/palo.confSimple PALO configuration example