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Halloy is an open-source IRC client written in Rust, with the iced GUI library. It aims to provide a simple and fast client for Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms.


USE flags

Halloy supports the following USE flags:

opengl vulkan wayland X debug


Halloy is available on the Project:GURU repository.

Instructions for enabling this repository can be found here: Project:GURU/Information_for_End_Users

After enabling the repository, emerge Halloy.

root #emerge --ask net-irc/halloy



Halloy uses toml configuration files to manage connections and settings. An example configuration file:

FILE ~/.config/halloy/config.toml
# Halloy config template.
# For a complete list of available options,
# please visit https://halloy.squidowl.org/configuration/index.html

#nickname = "larry"
#server = "irc.libera.chat"
#port = 6697
#use_tls = true
#channels = ["#halloy","#gentoo"]