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greetd is a system login and authentication daemon designed for Wayland display managers.

greetd only provides a backend authentication service and is meant to be used with a frontend greeter, such as gui-apps/gtkgreet, gui-apps/qtgreet or gui-apps/tuigreet.


USE flags

USE flags for gui-libs/greetd ipc based login daemon

debug Enable extra debug codepaths, like asserts and extra output. If you want to get meaningful backtraces see
man Build and install man pages


greetd implements an authentication protocol and provides the backend service daemon implementation, integrated with PAM. The frontend provided to a user, called a greeter, is implemented separately, with multiple greeters available.



root #emerge --ask gui-apps/gtkgreet



root #emerge --ask gui-apps/tuigreet



QTGreet is available from the wayland-desktop overlay.

root #eselect repository enable wayland-desktop
root #emaint sync --repo wayland-desktop
root #emerge --ask --verbose gui-apps/qtgreet


The GUI greeters, GTKGreet and QTGreet, need a wayland compositor to display them. The compositor used to display the greeter does not need to be the same as the one used by the user in their session. For example, it is possible to configure sway to start gui-apps/gtkgreet to start a Wayfire session.

A few example configurations are shown here.



Enable the display-manager service from gui-libs/display-manager-init

root #rc-update add display-manager default

Configure the display-manager service to use greetd:

FILE /etc/conf.d/display-managerSetting greetd as the display manager


Enable the greetd service to start on boot

root #systemctl enable greetd.service

GTKGreet/QTGreet + Wayfire

Configure greetd to use wayfire as the startup command, where wayfire will be started with a custom configuration file:

FILE /etc/greetd/config.tomlWayfire startup on greetd
vt = 7
command = "wayfire -c /etc/wayfire.ini"
user = "greetd"
FILE /etc/wayfire.iniWayfire config to start GTKGreet/QTGreet
autostart_wf_shell = false
gtkgreet = /usr/bin/gtkgreet -l
#qtgreet = /usr/bin/qtgreet
plugins = autostart
vheight = 1
vwidth = 1
xwayland = false


TUIGreet does not need a compositor to be used.

FILE /etc/greetd/config.tomlTUIGreet with GreetD
vt = 7
command = "tuigreet --cmd sway"
user = "greetd"

See also

  • Display manager — presents the user with a graphical login screen to start a GUI session, either X or Wayland.
  • Wayland — a replacement for the X11 window system protocol and architecture with the aim to be easier to develop, extend, and maintain