Google Summer of Code/2024/Ideas/Make installation of AI Models on Gentoo Linux easy

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Make installation of AI systems on Gentoo Linux easy

Gentoo Linux has always been a distribution centered about choice and the ability to optimize your operating system to your heart's content. With this project, we'd like to select a set of Chatbots, LLMs, and other AI Model open source projects and create ebuilds for them in an overlay to make it easy for the Gentoo community to experiment with many of the new open source AI systems that have been coming out.

Contacts Required Skills
Ma3oxuct * Research
  • Initiative
  • Independence
Expected Project Size Expected Outcomes
* 175 hours or 350 hours depending on which projects you want to create ebuilds for * Well documented setup instructions for users to be able to set up AI systems end to end
  • A new overlay with ebuilds for popular Chatbots, LLMs, and other AI Models projects
  • A stretch goal is to contribute the ebuilds to Gentoo's official ebuild repository, but would require you to become a Gentoo developer - if you aren't already 0 and maintain these ebuilds.
Project Difficulty
medium or hard depending on which projects you create ebuilds for